Money Matters 2010

Cincinnati, OH-Jonathan Fanene of the Cincinnati Bengal’s, Eric “The Bulldog” Deters
of 700 WLW will be joining The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation along with Huntington
Bank to bring MONEY MATTERS: It’s Either Working For You or Someone Else
curriculum to Norwood Middle School to teach twenty-six youth from the middle school
and Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Jonathan and Eric want to highlight the importance and need for financial literacy
training for young people with ‘real world’ applications. This six week program will be
taught by former Police Officer John Keuffer, NFL Alumni Richard Carey and retired
P&G Executive Kathy Garrison as part of a one hour regular classroom. MONEY
MATTERS™ was created by the trio in 1999 as a pilot program in teaching financial
literacy to gang involved youth. Since then, they have taught the program to thousands
of youth across the country.

“It’s a great opportunity to give back to kids and it’s tremendous that The Caleb Tate
Fuller Foundation along with Huntington Bank are providing the funding to make this
happen.” Fanene commented.

The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation spearheaded this project by raising funds for the
program and providing the manuals for the youth. They also brought in local sponsors
such as Huntington Bank. The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation was formed to honor the
memory of a young boy, Caleb Fuller who passed away from bone cancer. It was Caleb’s
wish that he “not be forgotten” so, “We are excited to help other youth and to do so in
Caleb’s honor.” commented Dr. Joyce McDowell, Executive Director of the Caleb Tate
Fuller Foundation.

On Tuesday, October 12th at 9:30 a.m. Jonathan Fanene, Eric Deters, Dr. Joyce
McDowell, Kendra Overbeck of Huntington Bank and the instructors for Money Matters
will hold a Press Conference on the importance of financial literacy as they “kick off” the
coursework at Norwood Middle School.

For information on Teen Response and Money Matters™ please visit: