Mad Science Event 2010

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Mad Science Event at Back to School Bash

The Back to School Bash was a huge success this year. The Norwood Church of the Nazarene and the Norwood Presbyterian Church hosted their 18th annual Bash on August 7th . Preschool through 6th grade students received new back packs for the school year and participated in a carnival where they received school supplies as prizes. The event was attended by 420 children. The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation added to the festivities of the day by funding and facilitating a Mad Science event for the kids. Mad Science is a science enrichment program that uses unique science experiences in a fun, theatrical manner to spark kids’ interest and imaginations in science.

Some of the comments from a survey conducted by the churches afterward included:

*I like that the event doesn’t just give supplies but gives the kids a day of fun.

*This is a very nice event; A blessing for anyone who is struggling and needs to be in the company of good people.

* They are their brother’s keeper. They demonstrate the love of Jesus.

* This meets a real need in the community.

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