Walk In Memory


Bring the memory of your loved one to life through service to children in the community.

Service to others in memory of a lost loved one helps to bring meaning, purpose and value to their life. It is also very comforting and helpful in the healing process for family and friends. Walking in memory of another is a positive action step in the grief process.

We hope you will walk in memory of a special loved one on the “Forget Me Knot” team in one of the charitable events to benefit local kids.  You can also post a written memory about that person on our website. Go to the Contact Tab to send in your story and a photo.

Caleb Tate Fuller
Click to view bigger image Bringing Caleb’s Memory to Life

Through his faithfulness, Caleb has conquered his own giants and won the victory. Now he leads the way for others to fight the good fight. Caleb would be thrilled to be remembered in such a way that helps to empower so many other kids in their own life’s journey.

Stephen Chomyszak
Click to view website Steve Chomyszak was my amazing father who passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was 5 years old. He was a former NFL football player and played for both the Bengals and the Jets. I remember him being so tall and strong but always so sweet and funny. The memories I have of him play in my head every day. I’m so proud of everything he accomplished and feel honored to be his daughter. I miss him with all my heart and soul.

Doris Peiper
Click to view website In loving memory of my wife Doris Peiper. We were married for fifty nine and a half wonderful years with never an argument. Doris is still very much loved and greatly missed.

Ian McCollister
Click to view website Ian McCollister (cousin) who died at age 7 (just one month short of his 8th birthday) of bone cancer.

Ian was an active, socially adept little man. He was wise beyond his young years and always had a smile on his face. He never once let the ugliness of the cancer get him down. He was diagnosed shortly after his 3rd birthday and endured countless procedures, treatments and hospital stays! Ian wasn’t supposed to live past age five but he defied the odds and lived another three years! He is greatly missed and it is our honor to walk in memory of him!

Artie Shelton
Click to view website Artie Shelton (Grandfather) who passed away 11 years ago from bone cancer.

Grandpa Shelton was an active family man. A faithful member of his church, proud supporter of any sports or activities his children and grandchildren participated . He always had a smile on his face and love for people in his heart and he is greatly missed. It is our honor to walk in memory of such a great man!

Pearl Baker
Click to view website Tara’s dear Nanny Pearl Baker passed away this past November and her birthday is May 8th. The day of the walk-a-thon. We wish to remember her and the love she showed our family this day and for the rest of our lives.

Juanita Werling
I am walking in memory of Juanita Werling. A very dear friend I lost last November. She will never know how much she influenced me, and her dedication and drive is what keeps me going, personally and professionally.

Click to view website As a youngster Jeannie began her journey of faith and service at Ashland Avenue Baptist. Jeannie fell in love with Jesus and responded to His gift of salvation.Her willing heart and love for serving others extended far beyond her own family. Everyone mattered — beginning with the countless number of children on her bus route, and in Sunday school classes, vacation Bible schools and junior camps.
Jeannie also left her mark on planning committees, Bible study groups, prayer teams and important outreach ministries. She was a well-loved and respected speaker at ladies meetings in many churches where she inspired women with her music and her encouraging message.
She truly touched so many lives over the years. And everyone who received one of her radiant smiles got a glimpse of the heart of Jesus.

The magnitude of her legacy is incomprehensible! But we can be confident that she has now realized her heart’s desire…..—“I just want to hear Him say ‘well done’ good and faithful one.”

Many friends and family have walked in honor of Caleb. Other have walked in memory of their loved ones including:

Betty “Boop” Madden
James Moeggenberg
Charles Russ’s Aunts June, Greta and Edith
Harold Lett
Clara Chandler
Larry Chandler
Stevie Bates
Jo Cummins
The Horsley Family’s Aunt Lucinda
Carol Keesecker
Jay Keuffer
Helen Moeggenberg
Isaac Joseph Thacker
Grandma & Grandpa Thomas
Betty Meuller
Ian McAlaster
Eldon & Jeanie Jones
Roda & Sally Gerhardt
Mae Foster
Kristen Triance
Francis Olshevsky
Mary Lou Rust
Earl McDowell