Madcap Puppets 2011

2011 Mad Cap Puppet Update

The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation sponsored a free performance for the community by the Mad Cap Puppets called “Tales of Flight with the Brother’s Wright”.  This family event was held at the Norwood Middle School Auditorium located at 2020 Sherman Ave. on Friday June 17th.  120 pounds of nonperishable food items were donated that evening by those who attended the event. Which was in turn given to the Norwood Service League’s local food pantry.  Door prizes and coupons for McDonald’s ice cream cones were given out. Two six month memberships to Fitworks were raffled well.

The Mad Cap Puppets combines professional puppet theater, children’s literature and world culture. It’s founder, the late Jerry Handorf was a Cincinnati native and graduate of the American School of Dance and Mime in New York City. He worked with Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and as a puppeteer on Sesame Street. He returned to Cincinnati and together with Beth Kattelman founded Mad Cap Puppet Productions in 1981.  Mad Cap is well known performing throughout the US, Russia and the Ukraine