About Us

About Us

The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation is a 501c3 charity established to fulfill a small boy’s request to “not be forgotten” made during his heart wrenching battle with bone cancer.

Caleb’s family honors his request to “not be forgotten” through commemoration of his steadfast love for God and relentless passion for life and learning.  We strive to preserve Caleb’s memory by serving the spiritual, social and educational needs of other children in the community.

The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation works to facilitate the creation of new educational enrichment programs and opportunities as well as support existing programs that benefit children in the Cincinnati area. The Foundation helps to provide funding for children to participate in programs that promote Christian values and education, academic excellence, literacy, health education, music and fine arts as well as multicultural, social and special needs awareness and enrichment. It is our goal to help empower children and parents in the community through programs that promote character, personal skills and growth.

Hopefully, most children will not have to experience what Caleb and so many other children facing life threatening disease, abuse and hardship encounter.  Unfortunately, some will; but undoubtedly, all will face what seem like insurmountable obstacles at some point in life. It is our goal to help build the spiritual foundation, strength and life skills needed to help kids turn the challenges and potential tragedies of life into opportunities for personal growth rather than misfortune and missed opportunity.

The Caleb Tate Fuller Foundation provides equal opportunities for individuals of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. It prohibits discrimination against current or prospective users, recipients of programs or funds, volunteers and employees on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected characteristic. We commit to the principle of equal opportunity for all.